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UX is Everything. UX is ROI.

UXinnova = Innovation in User Experience

Have you ever been on a website, and not known what to do next? Or, fill out 30 blanks on a form, only to find that the form clears itself if you make a single mistake?

These are prime examples of a poor user experience.

Rectifying this type of scenario is why I began UX Design work back in 1998. (In those days, there was no such thing as "UX Design" - in those days, I called it "Intuitive Design," or "Software Ergonomics.")

There are some people that have become more well-known in this field than I may be, but there are few people that have more experience than I do. I create designs that are specifically purposed to enable the user to successfully complete the tasks users intend to complete - without impediments or obstacles - while in a system or interface.

Since 1998, I have helped companies (many of them Fortune 500 companies) to become more profitable, and to offer their customers a more pleasant, more streamlined User Experience. I have helped them by engineering usability into their desktop systems and applications, on their public facing websites, and intranet portals.

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As UX designers, it is we who are failing if users are not successful in the completion of the tasks they attempt to perform while using systems that we have designed.
- Don Demrow, CUA

New Tool for Hiring Managers: Easily Weed Out Fake UX Professionals

Human Factors International, the largest, most widely respected Usability certification company in the world, has created a battery of User Experience (UX) Hiring and Assessment Tests. As they say on their website, "Today everyone from the CEO downwards is talking about designing things to be 'Customer-Centric.' And everyone is adding 'User Experience Design' to their resume. But do they have 'UX' skills and knowledge? Or are they counterfeit UX Practitioners?"

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