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headshot picture of me My name is Don Demrow, and I've been formally involved in UX design, User Centered Design (UCD), usability, and Human Factors since 2007. I am honored to have been selected as HFI's "CUA of the Month" - see

I have worked for some of the best companies on the planet, and there's a reason for that - it is because I care enough to do the kind of work that gets the results that leaders in their respective industries expect.

I am a CUA, or Certified Usability Analyst, with over 14 years of experience in UI/UX/UCD, Human Factors, Human/Computer Interaction, Usability, and TDD (Test Driven Development), 23 years experience in corporate B2B and B2C web design and development, and over 35 years of graphic design experience.

I am a senior level UI/UX/UCD Designer / Developer that can take your project from concept to completion: Requirements / Discovery, Conceptualization, Flow Design / Personae and Scenario Creation / Experience Mapping, User Journeys, Usability, Wireframe / Mockup / Prototype Design and Development, Heuristic Evaluation, User Testing, Regression Testing, Production, Revision.

I am very experienced with Responsive Web Design (RWD) utilizing CSS3, HTML5, and hand-coded JavaScript.

I am also an expert level Adobe Photoshop / Adobe CS user, and I am proficient with many design tools.

I am told that I am a very good communicator - in fact, I've been complimented often by senior and executive management for being able to help them understand technology, and the compelling business reasons for implementing UX strategies.

I have worked for many Fortune 500 companies as a direct employee, or a consultant, or sometimes in a role where those companies are direct clients for whom I have implemented a UX strategy - in most cases, from beginning to end.

Add me to your team of professionals if you'd like to increase your ROI, while improving your customers' online experience with your websites and internet applcations.

Your customers will thank you!

UXinnova is Veteran Owned

I served in, and was Honorably Discharged from, the US Army from 1977 to 1980. I am the sole proprietor of UXinnova.

The leadership skills I learned in the military have helped me all througout my life.

I learned not just how to lead, but also how to follow - how to take orders, how to follow rules, and how to do what was necessary to complete a task - how to get things done. If you've ever worked with a veteran, you know what I am talking about... the former military service members within any organization are usually the ones cutting through the red tape, and getting results that matter.

What I Bring to the Table

I was once asked how I would make an impact at a certain company. This was my answer: I'll make an impact at your company the same way I have for two decades: by improving ROI, and introducing new ideas. It really is that simple.

What inspires me? The incredible number of really BAD user experiences, and terrible websites and online applications. I want to do my part to fix the web, one byte at a time.

What sets me apart? I am a rare combination of designer and developer that believes the following:

1 - Just as the only relevant opinion on business strategy is that of informed executives, the only relevant opinion on UX strategy is that of skilled UX designers, consistent with the needs of the business - however, the only important opinion on the User Experience itself is that of the user. This is represented by user research data - and is collected, compiled, analyzed, and actualized by conscientious UX professionals. No argument will stand against valid test data.

2 - As UX designers, it is we who are failing if users are not successful in the completion of the tasks they attempt to perform while using systems that we have designed.

3 - Test early, test often - fail inexpensively, and learn from the experience. Make it better in the next iteration.

4 - It's all about the user.

5 - It's all about the user.

6 - It's all about the user. Empower the user. That's what UX design is: Helping the user succeed in his task, on your system.

7 - I catch a LOT of things that others miss. I have found highly embarrassing defects on the websites of national brands, and if an application returns the result of a query - and there is only one result returned, the system should not say, "There are one results (plural) matching your query." Yes, that's part of UX - the User Experience.

Here's What my Peers Say About Me

I was amazed how much I learned from Don about a well-designed user experience. Don is an expert at UI/UX front-end design and is always willing to mentor fellow developers. I can't count the number of times Don brought forth a better design approach and sold it to the customer. He is a quick thinker and able to explain the complexities of a UI design in a manner that everyone is able to grasp immediately.
- Robert V., colleague at NYL

While working with Don at Citi, he single-handedly created an application to improve the prototype creation process. The application generated web 2.0 code that validated in all browsers and was ADA compliant, saving thousands of hours of coding and making the team more productive.
- Dave A., colleague at Citi

I have worked with Don for the past year and a half. During that time, he has shown a fantastic depth and breadth of knowledge with regard to the user experience, user interface design and usability practices. Don's technical expertise makes him an exceptionally strong member of our team. He brings a great mix of skills rarely seen in today's UX teams. He is strong graphically, technically and possesses excellent information architecture skills. It is hard to find people knowledgeable in all three areas of this field, but Don is one of them.
- Greg Z., colleague at Citi

Don is one of those of guys you just love to work with as a manager. He is the kind of dependable professional I counted on for the practical, straight forward perspective he brought to our working relationship. Smart, capable, resourceful he is a consummate professional who takes his work seriously and always exhibited the highest character and integrity without exception. I recommend him to anyone looking for an intelligent, hard-working, and creative employee without reservation.
- Mike T., Manager at RecruitMax / Vurv

Don is consumate professional with strong programming skills. I mentored Don in SQL and can atest to how quickly he absorbs new concepts and techniques.
In addition, Don is an absolute delight to work with: amiable, humble; an all around great human being. I proudly endorse Don without hesitation. He will be a huge asset to any organization lucky enough to snare him.
- Lyle F., colleague at RecruitMax / Vurv

I worked with Don both as a developer and as his manager while at Vurv Technology. Vurv is a fast paced environment and has it's share of stressful situations. Don was a great guy to work with, always kept cool and focused, is a man of high character and integrity, and was an easy person to work with or manage. He was always quick with a smile, and I don't think I ever saw him have a "down" day... Don is an upbeat person.

Don has that rare combination of front-end artistic flair, and the attention to detail and forethought needed when designing complex database driven applications. He cares about the quality of his work and that was evident in his finished projects. Don stays abreast of the latest technological advancements in web design and development and was always eager to share new ideas and techniques. He is very adept at graphic design, JavaScript, SQL, ASP, and Coldfusion. He is also very knowledgeable of ADA requirements, and the techniques needed to make a website 508 compliant.

I would highly recommend Don Demrow.
- Jim S., Manager at RecruitMax / Vurv

Don has expert knowledge in a multitude of web development technologies. He is a great resource for any problem you encounter when it comes to web development as well as web design. His expertise spans from developing the functionality, to designing the interface. His depth of knowledge is a great asset for any company, any industry.
- Russell B., colleague at AMIG / Midland

Don showed a true knowledge of, and passion for, making sites beautiful as well as functional. His ability, attention to detail, and passion for technology made him a true joy to work for, and I unreservedly recommend him.
- Bill L., colleague, fellow consultant

Don was a very knowledgeable and competent developer. He was task oriented and goal driven. He was a pleasure to work with.
- Matt N.

In Closing

My career has been an amazing success - so much so, that I do not need to work - I work because I love what I do.

I am seeking a permanent opportunity or at least a long term contract with an exceptional company - one that has vision, and understands the value of a job done right. A company that wants aspiring to the pinnacle of excellence to be the goal of every one of their employees... A company that breaks away from the pack, and isn't a follower.

If I've just described your company, please contact me - I'd love to discuss what I can do for you.

I have the experience, business acumen, and determination to help you solve your UX design problems, and give you a superlative system design strategy that will enhance your company's success. I have yet to see a system or product that I cannot improve.

If you are interested in hiring me, you can download my resume.

Try me. Be better. Don Demrow is a Certified Usability Analyst

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